Introducing Rimini Blu by Bitossi


When you visit 20th Century Stores and find yourself in Snygg’s space, you’ll always see at least a couple of examples of ‘Rimini Blu’ ceramics from the Italian company Bitossi. We often get asked about it – the vibrant colours and almost rustic forms of the Rimini Blu range really draw the eye, and we’ve certainly made Bitossi a few new fans since the Stores opened. That really makes us happy, because Mid-Century Italian pottery is something we collect ourselves, and Bitossi Rimini Blu is a big favourite.


Designed in the 1950s by the great creative director of Bitossi, Aldo Londi, Rimini Blu has been pretty much in production ever since. We happen to believe that the earlier examples are the best, and most collectors tend to agree, but there’s something to be said about Rimini Blu in any form. Call in for a chat and we’ll happily explain the differences. But as several of our customers have found, once you get the taste for this lovely, vibrant pottery it’s a hard habit to break. And once you start collecting, you’ve a world of forms to choose from – Rimini Blu was used to decorate vases, bowls, lamps, boxes and whole range of beautiful quirky animal and bird sculptures to name just a few.

goats cutout

At Snygg we aim always to have a few examples of Bitossi Rimini Blu in stock. It’s a growing area for collectors, investment value is good and prices are strong so now’s a good time to start collecting if you love Mid-Century design. And if there’s a particular piece you want that we don’t have in stock right now, do let us know – we have contacts all over the world and we can probably find what you need.

We’ll post more about Bitossi, and other things we love, in the weeks to come. But do come and see us at 20th Century Stores in Stockport – we’re always happy to show you what we’ve found.

Posted by Alex of Snygg